The #1 Web Service for rapid Web App development.

Alien provides the software to allow disconnectable Web Apps to interface with the Alien Server and flourish.

Atlas Interface & Alien App Screenshots

About the Alien Engine

Our Web Server Service Interface for Web Applications is named the Alien Engine. It is the result of a rigerous drafting process over the years to create a clean, simple and highly modularized Web App Service. Its purpose is to create deployable Online Clouds that allows Web Apps to talk directly to the server to Read, Write, and Update data while allowing the Web App to be located on an entirely different server or local device packaged for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu Linux. This is accomplished by writing the Web App entirely in HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript + jQuery + JSON.

About the Atlas Interface

The Alien Engine includes an interface named “Alien Atlas”. Alien Atlas provides a desktop-like-interface in a web browser to run multiple web apps in a single browser window with a panel for switching between apps. Each web app is included in an HTML 5 < object > sandbox to increase security. For example: while using the Alien Atlas Interface instead of running the app at its direct URL, you gain the ability to play music while using the IRC app.

Why Alien?

Desktop applications today have hit barriers in serving their users. People have many needs that are going unfulfilled. With Alien these barries disappear opening the door for people to get work done in ways they’ve never had availabe to them before. Web Apps are the logical successor to Desktop Apps, and heres why:

  1. Access your files, and use your Applications world-wide. You can set up your Alien Cloud to allow access through the Internet, thus making your Files (Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, etc…) availabe anywhere you go that has Internet and a Web Browser.
  2. Your files stay in your control. By setting up your own Alien Cloud, you can host your files through a personal computer or home server. You never have to worry about a corporation snooping around in your stuff, changing the terms of their service, or selling your statistical information to marketing companies. You are in complete control – peroid.
  3. Your Web Apps run on virtually every kind of device. Windows, OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhones, iPads, …etc. No problem, Alien brings equality to these devices because Alien Apps are designed to run independent of system specifics.

    Developers – reach your full potential audience.
    Users – use all your favorite apps on your laptops, desktops, and tablets alike.

  4. Instant App Deployment. Web Applications don’t need to be compiled by Developers into binaries for every version of every operating system on ever kind of device and every kind of cpu architecture. Save resources including time and money by simply testing your Web Apps against W3C HTML 5, CSS 3 compliance and you’re ready to go.
  5. Centralized Collaberation. By using a Alien Web App Server – each Web App can be running on a hundred different computers at the same time with the same files available. With some tact and ingenuity Web Apps can have the capability of having multiple people on different computers update the same file at the same time. Files can be marked as private or public.
  6. Centralized Software Control. Upgrade your software for an entire Office in one place, once for all users. Customize Web Apps to tailer your users once. Remove possible security holes by reducing the possible attack vectors through centralizing your software on a single server.

The crack is in the damn representing traditional desktop software. Web Apps are inevitable. With Alien you can develop your Web Apps to run independently of the Alien Engine minimizing communications to Reading and Writing data to the database.

It is our utmost goal to provide a useful PHP Framework, GUI Interface, and tool sets that helps put the control of peoples files back into their own hands. We encourage both Open Source and Commercial developers to join us in our efforts to simplify our over-complicated world.

Client Technologies

Atlas Interface & Alien Apps

HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript + jQuery + JSON

Server Technologies

Alien Engine

PHP 5, MySQL 5