Alien Boombox

Your Music. Your Cloud. Your Way.

Discover an online music player that empowers you to host your personal music cloud availabe to any device with a web browser and access to the internet.

Alien, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Web Sockets, jQuery, JSON

Alien Engine

The open Web App communication bridge.

An object-oriented (OOP) framework designed to be used in rapid web app development modularizing and seperating client and server. Constructed using PHP, MYSQL, utilizing JSON communication.

HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, XUL, WebSockets, jQuery, JSON

Alien Companion

Bridging the gap between Web Apps and Desktop Apps.

The Alien Companion is designed to take Web Apps designed for the browser and enclose them in seamless window giving them the same feel as desktop apps. It uses Mozilla XUL + XULRunner and the Gecko Rendering Engine.

XUL, CSS, JavaScript

The Web + You

Technology is only as good as its success in serving people. With the world changing and growing so quickly – the bridge between what a person wants and what’s available is constantly under construction. is development effort focused on producing top-notch web apps in an open source style.

We have some incredibly unique projects baking as previewed in the slideshow above that may interest you.